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The JellyPoolBears have arrived and are ready to explore the metaverse.

The new NFT Art Story

In the Metaverse, there is a world called “Bearia” that is inhabited by bears. The story goes that these bears came to the Metaverse from another dimension a long time ago and quickly adapted to their new environments.

Each bear of Bearia has its own unique personality and task, but they all work together to strengthen and protect their community. And the different colors of the bears? They are simply a natural part of the diversity and beauty of Bearia, a world that offers a home to every bear. They can be found in different colors and have different roles and positions in their community.

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How it all started

In a distant world, deep in the Metaverse, lived the bears called JellyPoolBears. These bears were unlike any other bears that had ever been seen. They were not made of flesh and blood, but of a magical jelly that shimmered in all the colors of the rainbow. They lived in a world that was threatened by a dark shadow and was full of chaos and destruction.

One day, the wisest and bravest bears among them gathered and decided to do something to save their world. They knew they had powerful abilities and that they had to use them to change their world. They united their forces and called upon their mysterious power together.

In an instant, a huge gate opened to another world, and an incredible beam of light penetrated the darkness and illuminated the whole universe. The bears felt the magic in their jelly bodies and knew they could create a new world.

They walked through the gate and landed in a beautiful, vibrant world. It was a world full of colors and light, full of life and harmony. The bears felt that this world was the counterpart to their world in the Metaverse. They knew they had to shape this world in their own image to make it a perfect home for them and their kind.

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