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TRUMP guilty or not guilty

NFT Art Satire Project

The new NFT Art project „TRUMP guilty or not guilty“ is a satire project, in which the the JellyPoolBear is used for a reinterpretation and new composition of one of the most famous NFT images of Donald Trump.

The „guilty“ or „not guilty“ buttons allow you to declare Mr. Trump guilty or not guilty. Depending on the result of the survey, the prison gate will be further lowered or not. This change has tremendous implications and raises the question of how much public opinion can affect a politician’s life. The end result as NFT art will definitely be influenced by this.

By purchasing the NFT, those who participate in this interactive art action have the opportunity to become a part of the project and voice their opinion. The result is a fascinating NFT artwork that not only stimulates political discussions but also changes the dynamics of digital art.

Overall, „TRUMP guilty or not guilty“ is a remarkable example of the possibilities of digital art and how it can change the way we experience and understand art.